Finding The Assets Of Organic Raw Honey

Artisan organic honey is extremely Distinct from industrial organic honey, and its properties provide incredible health benefits. Many people believe honey as a natural and healthier food product, independently on its own source and production methods. And this is not entirely correct. In actuality, today the best aspect of the honey consumed in the world is not like the one our grandparents used to eat. Yet, in Italy there are still small artisan beekeepers that opted to create honey according to ancient procedures that honor both the consumer and the bees themselves, without chemicals, pesticides and without the inclusion of artificial ingredients. Made in Italy organic honey is appreciated throughout the world and lately also from the USA customers are showing an increasing interest for it.

Here are five reasons for preferring it to other kinds of honey.

  1. It comprises fewer toxic pollutants. The regulation on organic beekeeping is extremely restrictive, and the plants which may be foraged by bees have to be at least 3 kilometers away from any source of contamination.

To safeguard their bees some organic beekeepers bring them in uncontaminated Italian Reserves and National Parks.

  1. Organic honey has beneficial properties for digestion. Scientific studies have demonstrated that antibiotics, but also pesticides may unbalance the intestinal flora with adverse health effects, so it is always better to choose a honey with those substances to buy raw honey online. By law, certified organic honey has to be free of traces of synthetic antibiotics, or synthetic substances acaricide used in traditional beekeeping.
  1. Organic honey is not pasteurized. Industrial honey is often pasteurized, i.e. exposed to thermal treatments at high temperatures. The result is a homogeneous and liquid item, often preferred by customers due to these characteristics. Still, the pasteurization process destroys many of the main enzymes, vitamins and minerals naturally present in honey.
  1. it is produced in small quantities. It is the freshness which guarantees the quality of the honey: it smells and tastes better and has a high content of antioxidants, enzymes, amino acids, minerals and vitamins compared to the other sweeteners. Honey also contains minerals Such as iron, calcium, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, chromium, manganese and selenium. These minerals have an integral role in several biological processes in our bodies that help keep us healthy.
  1. Organic honey saves the bees. Purchasing organic honey in small beekeepers is good for our health, but also into the world of bees, now in great danger. Small honey manufacturers let bees reside in wild places and with no neonicotinoids used in intensive agriculture, using only natural remedies.